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Making the Community Better One Day at a Time!

Seeing homeless people scattered on the streets with no food to eat or clothes to wear is heartbreaking. If the sight of these less fortunate people pains you, join us in making a change. Women Helping Others of Tampa Bay in Tampa, Florida is a nonprofit organization that aims to help those who are in need. 


Women Helping Others of Tampa Bay was originally started by our owner, President Duwod Salter who has been in the industry for more than 12 years. It was her vision to help those less fortunate initially by just feeding them monthly.


Our organization started in March 2013. Since then, we have fed and clothed more than 1000 people in Hillsborough County along with our volunteers. As our organization grew with the help of our volunteers, we have been able to do much more such as provide clothing, shoes, and toiletries as well as resources.


“I have been volunteering with WHO for approximately 5 years now and am so ecstatic to have found them!! I learned to volunteer from my mother doing so her entire life and had fallen out of it for many years due to work and other personal endeavors. The monthly feedings allow me to participate because they do not interfere with my work schedule as most other programs I have scouted do. I believe the location for any event is paramount to ensure success and they have definitely hit the mark with that and a huge impact is visibly evident. I will continue to support WHO any time and in any way that I can. Awesome work ladies!!” - Herb H

"It has been a real joy volunteering every month for WHO. We always have many wonderful volunteers who share their love of helping others through bringing food and personal items and visiting with those who come for help. I must say that we may be a small group but we are mighty!” - Julie M.

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